Well hi there,

I'm Lindsey, a coffee-loving, pizza-eating, farmer's wife that loves fishing, camping, a good pun, and Jesus. Don't be surprised by my "Canadian" accent I really am a Minnesota girl that's always good for an 'oooh yah' or a 'You betcha,' and some long o's that even surprise me! I take the "Minnesota Nice" to heart and love my clients like old friends. I am an old soul that values the connections made in life. My love affair with photography began when parents gave me my first camera. I enjoy using natural light to showcase the warmth and personality of all those I photograph. It is a privilege to capture the important life milestones of my clients! Now that you know a little about me let's grab some coffee or a beer and chat! Can't wait to meet you!

Photography is the story I fail to put into words.

Destin Sparks